Our Apple Varieties, Ripening Dates, Flavors & Uses: 

gingergold (MID aug): attractive yellow gold apple from Virginia. Mild flavor, cream colored flesh.

paula red (LATE aug): firm with a tart/sweet mac-like flavor. great for apple butter and sauces.

mcintosh pioneer (early sept): crisp & red with bright white flesh and refreshing tart/sweet flavor.

gala (early sept): sweet pleasant flavor, stores well. good for drying.

honeycrisp (early sept): crisp, and predominantly sweet, modern variety from the USA.

cortland (mid sept): successful McIntosh offspring, with all the usual characteristics, including the tart/sweet vinous flavor. Great for baking too.

fuji (mid sept): Developed in Japan, but an all-American cross of Red Delicious and Ralls Janet. A very attractive modern apple, crisp, sweet-flavored, keeps well.

jonagold (mid sept): with a honey-nectar flavor, an exceptional dessert apple. hard cider variety.

jonamac (late sept): firm, crisp & sweet flavor similar to McIntosh. great for fresh cider.

red delicious (late sept): One of the most famous American apple varieties, firm with bright red color. stores well once flavor has a chance to develop - pick them up from our cooler in nov/dec.

empire (late sept): tart/sweet vinous flavor, One of the best McIntosh-style apples. great for sauces.

golden delicious (late sept): sweet flavor with honeyed aroma. yellow gold fruit, cream flesh.

twenty oz (late sept): "grandma fraleigh's favorite". very large fruit, yellow-green flushed red-orange. Juicy, sweet flesh.

shizuka (late sept): Large Yellow fruit with red-orange blush. tart but Sweeter and with less acid than Mutsu, excellent flavor.

macoun (early oct): considered one of the best McIntosh style apple varieties, from the famous Geneva Research Station. sweet flavor, great for sauces.

mutsu (early oct): large green variety from japan, aka crispin. tart flavor with honeyed aroma and creamy colored flesh. Great for sauces.

ny 428 (early oct): with a honey-nectar flavor, an exceptional dessert apple. hard cider variety.

rome (mid oct): An extremely attractive and productive red cooking apple. Large fruit, white flesh.

northern spy (mid oct): American heirloom variety, great for hard cider. sweet/sharp flavor.

cameo (late oct): cross between empire & northern spy. crisp & juicy, nice acidity. excellent for baking.

fortune (late oct): excellent North American eating apple with a "spicy" flavor. Fruit is large with an attractive color and yellow Flesh.  favorite for pies & sauces.

grannysmith (late oct): crisp with a sharp taste, very refreshing when chilled, sweetens in storage.

gold rush (late oct): dessert apple. similar to Golden Delicious but with a bit more acidity.

lady apple (late oct): aka Api, is an old French apple variety with a good aromatic flavor. small size conducive to many decorative uses.


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