RHF Beekeepers Successfully Corrall Swarm

Our resident beekeeper, Chris Belardi (Dr. B), and his team have made exciting progress this season on the expansion of our Rose Hill Farm Apiary.  This spring he introduced a trio of new hives, painted a lovely dusty rose, located behind our blueberry field.  The bees are prospering and seem to enjoy the abundance of wild flowers this year, particularly the Queen Anne lace.

On July 15th, our team witnessed a swarm originating from the yellow-green-blue hives introduced in 2016 (affectionately known as Humble, Hope and Harmony).  Dr. B and Farmer Kevin bravely suited up and corralled this swarm into a 5 frame NUC and then into a temporary hive.  We posted two progress videos below. See our previous post to learn more about bee swarms!

Many of you have asked about our honey this summer.  We sold out of last season's honey in October.  We expect to spin this season's honey in mid September but we will update our website in advance and extend a workshop invite to witness this exciting event!

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