Hot Days and Thirsty Plantings

The month of June was hot and dry. Average daytime temperatures were in the mid 80’s and we only received 2 inches of rain for the entire month. Like much of the state, Rose Hill Farm fell well short of the 4” of rainfall that is typical for June.  So what does this hot, dry weather mean?  Irrigation, Irrigation, Irrigation!

This past spring, we planted 1200 new trees that are very thirsty.  To keep up with water needs while we install more permanent irrigation, we are using an overhead water gun and impact sprinklers throughout the critical areas of our orchard, including the young plantings and blueberries. 

While not a perfect solution, our mobile irrigation system has helped the farm endure this hot, dry period of weather in the Hudson Valley.  Over the next few years, we plan to rehabilitate an underground irrigation system that will satisfy any water deficit at Rose Hill Farm. 

So far in July, we have received almost 3 inches of rain.  With a little more rain over the next 10 days we will have met our recommended target of 1” of rainfall per week.  We have our fingers crossed for a wet August!

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