Apple of the Week: Jonagold

Rose Hill Farm’s featured apple this week is the Jonagold. It is a cross between a Jonathan apple and a Golden Delicious apple.  Rose Hill Farm Jonagolds are a medium-large apple with an excellent sweet tart balance characteristic of the Jonathan apple mixed with the aromatic honey flavor of the Golden Delicious. The skin is thin and the flesh is crisp and juicy.  Jonagolds are characteristically green-yellow with a variable degree of crimson.

The Jonagold was developed in 1953 by Cornell’s New York State Agricultural Experimental Station in Geneva.  The parent apple, Jonathan, was first discovered in 1826 in Woodstock, New York.  It is related to the Esopus Spitzenburg, an heirloom / antique apple, and said to have been a favorite apple of Thomas Jefferson.  The Esopus Spitzenburg, or Aesophus Spitzenburg, is native to the Hudson Valley and was first discovered in the 18th century near Esopus, New York.  Esopus is located on the west side of the Hudson, just south of the Rhinecliff Bridge on route 9W which is 19.6 miles from Rose Hill Farm.

We are frequently asked which apples are best for pie.  Karren Fraleigh always says, “a good mix.”  Most seasoned bakers will say that the best pie apples have a sweet / tart flavor balance.  Also, depending on the firmness of the apple, it will behave differently once in the oven.  Try to include dense apples that hold their shape and provide form and texture when baked.  Rose Hill varieties fitting that description include Jonagold, Honeycrisp, Gala, Cortland, Golden Delicious, Northern Spy, Granny Smith, Crispin aka Mutsu, Fortune, Cornell 428, and 20 Ounce.

For the upcoming holiday weekend, we will be open for apple and pumpkin picking on Friday 10/6 from 2-6pm as well as Saturday 10/7, Sunday 10/8 and Monday 10/9 from 10am until 6pm.

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