Apple of the Week: A Tale of Two Sisters, NY 428 and NY 429

This week we would like to call your attention to two lesser known apples, the NY 428 and NY 429.   Cornell University developed these apple varieties in 1962.  The NY 429 is a Schoharie Spy / Empire hybrid. The NY 428 is a Northern Spy / Empire hybrid.  They are crisp and juicy for eating fresh and excellent for pies and baking.  Many agree the NY 428 possesses a more sophisticated, complex tangy-sweet flavor.  However, the geometry and coloration of the NY 429 (ruby red) was more appealing to growers and buyers so it found a market and became a commercial success.  Due to demand, NY 429 was branded as “Fortune” and made its formal debut in 1996 at the annual New York State Horticulture Show in Rochester, NY.

We have a limited number of Fortune (NY 429) and NY 428 at Rose Hill Farm. Try them both side by side and let us know what you think!  These, combined with Jonagold and Mutsu, comprise an ideal apple baking mix (for pies, tarts, apple sauce, etc).  All four are perfectly ripe for picking this weekend and we will also have them stocked in our Farmstand cooler for convenient pickup.  Enjoy and hope to see you this weekend!

If you are looking for baking inspiration, see our recipe links below:

Grandma Ople's Apple Pie

Mutsu Simple Applesauce

Jonagold Oatmeal-Brown Sugar Baked Apples

NY429 Free-Form Apple Tart

NY 428 Apples with Yogurt Mousse and Licorice Caramel

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