Our mission is to honor our family farm legacy, engage our community, empower our local economy and tread lightly.

Peter Fraleigh purchased this land in 1798 and established Rose Hill Farm in 1812.  Six generations proceeded him and in 2001, the New York State Agricultural Society honored Rose Hill Farm and then owners Dave and Karen Fraleigh, as the only fruit orchard among the state’s ten Bicentennial Family Farms.

Two decades ago, Dave and Karen Fraleigh listened to their customers’ requests to pick their own apples and recognized their yearning to reconnect with the land. They subsequently transitioned the farm from a wholesale apple orchard to a Pick Your Own model and expanded the crops to include cherries, blueberries, peaches, raspberries, apples, pumpkins and winter squash.

In 1998, the Fraleighs sold their development rights to the Scenic Hudson Land Trust, which through a conservation easement protects farmland and helps preserve the Hudson Valley’s world-renowned landscape. Our family is honored to assume the responsibility of stewardship, to protect the health and beauty of this farm and to leave the land better than we found it for future generations of our community.

In November 2015, Bruce and Holly Brittain and Chris Belardi purchased Rose Hill Farm. Our shared vision is to grow the family friendly Pick Your Own orchard, be effective stewards of the land and preserve the natural beauty of the Hudson Valley.

When Edible Magazine asked former owner Dave Fraleigh what is the best apple, his unwavering reply was “It’s the one you just picked!”  We wholeheartedly agree that fresh local produce is most delicious and when picked by you it’s both nourishing and rewarding.  We enthusiastically embrace our responsibility to future generations to produce wholesome food and to serve the local and broader communities. 

We value transparency and seek to educate our customers about what we do and how we do it. We employ environmentally sound, humane and sustainable farming practices. We are committed to preserving the environment through the use of renewable energy, water conservation and responsible farming practices. We hope to become a place where our patrons can learn and enjoy and connect with the land and each other. We look forward to sharing our farm with you!

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